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Why choose an Independent Midwife?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Choosing an Independent midwife. Why book an Independent midwife. Midwife North East. Home birth support, continuity of care
Independent Midwife of The North and The Indie Midwife

Why would you pay for midwifery care when you can get it for “free”? is something I, and other IMs and clients choosing to book midwifery care in this way, have been asked many times.

It’s a very personal decision and everybody’s reasons will be different but just SOME of the reasons include:

✨Wanting guaranteed continuity of care

✨To be supported through choices that may be deemed “out of guidance”

✨Not to feel pressured into arbitrary time constraints and onto medicalised pathways if they have certain “risk factors”

✨To be listened to, heard, respected and encouraged to birth their baby where and how they wish

✨To feel empowered to take control of their pregnancy and birth

✨Being denied an NHS home birth because they are not complying with trust policy or due to staff shortages

✨A previous traumatic experience or being unhappy with their care

Accessing NHS midwifery care for a lot of women can be positive and I know of some fantastic nhs midwives who do work tirelessly, against the constraints, to encourage women’s choice, however this isn’t always the case for many sadly. A negative experience in a previous pregnancy or realising their care isn’t what they had hoped for mid-way through a pregnancy are some other reasons i have clients booking independent midwifery care.

A client I recently supported midway through her pregnancy and for birth and the postpartum period (with Sarah Forster as my 2nd midwife), has wrote about her experience of why she hired an independent midwife and is happy for me to share with you, which I feel offers more of a personal insight. See blog post "Martha, Adam & baby Emily's beautiful home birth story" to read Martha's account of her empowering birth and why she chose an Independent Midwife.

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