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The first forty days

I've recently picked up this book again to re-read. If you haven't already, I'd definitely recommend you read it especially if your are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant.

This book talks about rituals, traditions and cultures that are practiced all over the globe in the first forty days after birth to nourish the new mother during her transition to motherhood. It highlights the importance of this time and protecting that space and how achieve this with the complexities of modern family life. There are also some incredible recipes to nourish the new mother.

We plan and prepare so much for pregnancy and birth, yet the postpartum period is massively overlooked and is a time new mothers need to be nurtured too, to rest, recuperate and revitalise our body and soul.

The transition to motherhood is absolutely huge, probably the biggest we will ever encounter, yet so many of us do so little to prepare for this time.

When you're thinking about your birth plan, have a postpartum plan too and think about who is in your circle who can help in any way, from meal prep, shopping, cleaning etc and make sure your plan includes the best way to nurture yourself too in a way that fits in with your life.

I always stress the importance of this transition period and encourage my clients to think about a plan that will work for them that their support network can help with. We have to get better at asking for help! My role as an Independent Midwife goes way further than just pregnancy, birth and basic postnatal care, I can support families during this often tumultuous period in their lives and help them navigate the complexities of new family life and hold space for them while this happens.

From changes to relationship dynamics, physical and emotional changes, trying to ensure the new mother is nourished and well rested, navigating the practicalities of newborn life and establishing breastfeeding are just some of the huge changes a new mother (and family) will experience in those first forty days.

Creating an ideal environment and support network where this transition can happen in good time, will go a long way in navigating the postpartum period a lot easier.

📷 : some snippets from the book in the images below

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