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The birth of baby Primrose

I have had the absolute privilege of supporting this beautiful family during both pregnancies and births of their two Daughters.

My client had a lovely home birth with her first daughter and of course, there was never any question about where she was planning to birth her second baby. Home was always the first choice and what felt the most natural.

Throughout the pregnancy there was never any reason why birth wouldnt happen at home, until the very end where an unexpected concern and potential complication presented itself meaning birthing at home was probably no longer the safest place. After a lot of discussion about the potential complications that we were all worried about and how things could be managed safely in an emergency, the plan was for birth in hospital where mum & baby could be closely monitored.

This was completely unexpected and very distressing for my client. The worst environment she could imagine being during labour and birth was in hospital but understood the reasons why this change in care was advised.

Labour started spontaneously while waiting for an induction to be started, which was amazing especially given how stressed she was feeling. Labour progressed quite quickly and birth happened.

Fortunately I was still able to continue my support to my client in hospital and was present for the birth and baby was born in the pool as she had wished. Although it wasn't as originally planned, her birth was as positive as it possibly could've been and goes to show how amazing women's bodies are in the face of adversity and stress.

Unexpected surprises and concerns can crop up at any stage and sometimes we need to think about plan B and even plan C, even if these aren't your first choice birth can still be a positive experience in hospital. I will say though, that I think a great birth support and team that have your back go such a long way in helping to empower you and advocate for you when needed, which I will talk more about in my next post!

Also massive shout out to my clients hubby who was an AMAZING birth support!! So loving and attentive, so incredible to see 🥰

This is the beautiful baby Primrose born 11.03.2024 💗

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