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Postnatal discharge after continuity of care

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Another family discharged today after 7 months of independent midwifery care ❤️

My involvement with this lovely family began during week 12 of pregnancy. I witnessed this little man make his way into the world at home and I have been providing postpartum care for the past 4 weeks. Providing 100% continuity of care throughout the whole journey with this family has enabled me to build a trusting and caring relationship from the start until postnatal discharge. I have been able to offer help and support at every stage and have got to learn what is important to the family and feel confident at discharge that this new baby will continue to thrive in his new family.

This little man is absolutely thriving, breastfeeding so well and has already gained 2lb since his birth 4 weeks ago 💙

Yet again it has been an absolute privilege to be a part of another family's journey as they prepare to meet their new addition and watching the family grow and flourish.

Getting to know the whole family and what is important to them, respecting their choices and supporting them through their pregnancy, birth and early few weeks with their new baby is such a satisfying part of my job.

Another great part of my job and one that I love so much is the contact that continues well after discharge, the updates and the photos and sometimes being there again for the next pregnancy 🥰

28 day old baby being weighed by the family's independent Midwife for the last time before discharge. Continuity of care throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum
Thriving at discharge!

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