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The calm and peaceful home birth of baby Ernest with Independent Midwife of The North

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

New baby born peacefully at home. Home birth with Independent Midwife, Cumbria
Welcome to the world baby Ernest!

I met this lovely family at the very start of their pregnancy journey, when mum was around 12 weeks pregnant with their 3rd baby. Her previous 2 babies had also been born at home so there was never any question, that's where this baby was going to be born too. A peaceful home birth was planned with me as their Independent Midwife.

It was the most natural and comfortable place to be, where mum could fully relax surrounded by her loving family and own belongings, where she felt comfortable, calm and in control.

This little man made his way into the world at home after a short labour and just eased his way into life very chilled, calm and peaceful just like his mama had been whilst the midwife sat and watched in wonder!

He spent his first few moments snuggled into his mama, before he began to open his eyes and respond to his family's voices. Witnessing every calm moment of his transition to extrauterine life was just amazing and watching him gaze up to his mama like he knew exactly who she was, was so emotional and incredible to witness.

Birth should be and can be amazing, calm and empowering with the right environment and right support. Ive no doubt his birth was as straightforward as it was because his mama was so relaxed and calm. She instinctively knew where she needed to be and what she wanted and was able to be exactly where she needed to be to ease her baby into the world because she was home.

His big sister was part of the birth and is so in awe of her new brother, whilst the other sibling slept through the whole event!

I have loved being a part of this families journey, from the very beginning to the very end and will continue my support throughout their postpartum journey.

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