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A reflection of home birth as an Independent Midwife

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

I am in awe of women. Their strength and capabilities, of knowing their bodies. 

I had the privilege of being in attendance of a home birth this week as a second midwife with a fantastic independent midwife.
 Although after many hours at home the lady was transferred to hospital, this experience will stay with me forever.
My 1st experience as an IM.

I witnessed such strength and determination, raw and primal instinctive labouring behaviours without midwives and obstetricians interfering.

I was in awe of her, her ability and her intuition. Trusting her body and those around her.
I was in awe of the midwife and doula being ‘with woman’. 

 Doing ‘nothing’ but giving ‘everything’.
The silence yet speaking volumes.
The gentle nod of ‘you’ve got this’ the smiles, quiet words of encouragement and praise, gentle and affectionate touches.
Gentle but powerful.

I could feel the oxytocin in that room.
The pure love, attentiveness and devotion from her husband who never let go or left her side was beautiful to see and palpable. The environment calming, subdued and inviting. 

The trust and mutual respect between the woman and her midwife. An inspiring midwife who in one night I have learnt so much from. 

I have been a midwife for many years and have witnessed the miracle of birth many times. I have worked alongside lots of fantastic midwives and have both observed and given fantastic care. I have always felt honoured to be part of such a special and incredible journey with these women. Watching women and men becoming mothers and fathers. Watching brand new life enter into the world.
This was different. This was such a massive learning experience for me in many ways, of doing nothing but giving everything. Not having to be doing ‘something’, quietly but intuitively observing and assisting when only required. 

Watching and listening for those cues and seeing labour progress, the physiological changes not requiring machines, tests or procedures to confirm. 
Trusting the body and natural labour process.

In modern day midwifery we have every resource available to us to assist childbearing women. Some helpful some a hindrance. The cultures in hospital settings and even to a degree in the community can change a woman’s birth experience.  Unfortunately not always for the better either. Our over reliance on  technology and machines and intervention leads us down the path of over medicalising a normal and natural process that when given the right opportunity, environment, support and trust; a woman will labour spontaneous and give birth with little else needed. Trusting ourselves, each other and the amazing human body. 

The less we ‘do’ the more we give is in some situations what we need to remind ourselves of.
And in case anyone needs reminding…
Women are awesome ❤️

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