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2023 birth stats

2023 what an incredible year as Independent Midwives supporting lots of families through their unique journeys to parenthood!

✨ 22 babies!!✨

✨ 18 born at home with an 82% home birth rate!✨

✨91% vaginal birth rate!✨

✨2 hospital vaginal births & 2 emergency caesarean sections✨

✨1 VBAC✨

✨1 induction✨

✨13 boys💙 9 girls🩷✨

Thank you to all the families for putting your trust in us and allowing us to be part of your incredible birth story, what an honour and a privilege 🙏

Hiring an Independent midwife increases your chances of having an unmedicated, uninterrupted and undisturbed physiological birth AND decreases your chance of induction, instrumental birth and caesarean section!

Known midwife ✔️

Continuity of care ✔️

Empowering birth team✔️

Home birth support✔️

Hospital birth support ✔️

Promote physiological birth✔️

Access to evidence based information✔️

Holistic and personalised care✔️

Regular, unhurried & bespoke antenatal and postnatal care✔️

Supporting your choices ✔️

The benefits of hiring an independent midwife to support you during your pregnancy and birth speak for themselves, check out the stats & client testimonials! Do your research, ask questions and choose your team that has your back 🙌

We would love to support you in 2024 through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. There are still some spaces available to book for birth care throughout the year, get in touch to see how we can help you ❤️

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